5 Common Mistakes in DIY Bathroom Renovation: How to Avoid Them

The bathroom is like the smallest room in the apartment, but in terms of the cost of repairs, it is in second place after the kitchen. You need to correctly calculate everything, not forget anything and at the same time not go beyond a reasonable budget.

It is very difficult to cope with this on your own, especially if you are doing repairs for the first time. Therefore, we analyzed the most common mistakes and offer valuable advice on how to avoid them.

Inconsistent Redevelopments

Perhaps the mostbathroom improvement common mistake is a deliberately inconsistent redevelopment. For example, an increase in the bathroom size at the expense of the living room or kitchen or exit from the bathroom to the living room (exception: if the apartment has a second bathroom with access to the corridor).

All of them ultimately lead either to a fine or to rework – and these are spoiled nerves and unnecessary expenses.

Lack of a Work Plan

Before starting repairs, always decide on the tasks that you face. You should not mindlessly combine a bathroom and a bathroom. Often they try to combine them only to carve out a place for a washing machine or the sake of fashion.

However, if you do not have a second bathroom and the family consists of more than three people, such an association is unjustified. Design should not conflict with functionality and comfort. And for the washing machine, it is better to find another place – to install it under a special sink, build it into the kitchen or closet in the corridor.

Choosing Impractical Materials

It has long been no secret that dark, glossy or deep matte materials are not the best choice for a bathroom unless you want to constantly polish all its surfaces. Try to choose neutral shades with non-slip materials. An excellent choice is stone-look porcelain stoneware. It is not uniform in color, and the traces of drops will be almost invisible.

Ill-Conceived Lighting

It is desirable to have at least two light sources: ceiling lighting and a sconce near the mirror. So you can not only regulate the lighting in the room but also create a mood – for a vigorous morning shower or evening relaxing baths.

Room lightingbathroom renovation should be sufficient, but not excessive – the bathroom should not look like an operating room. Also, the presence of only the ceiling light will not appear in the best way in your reflection in the mirror: the overhead light will impose shadows under the eyes, so try to lay in the backlight that will illuminate the face. Why spoil your mood right in the morning?

Ignoring Decor

To prevent your bathroom from becoming a purely sanitary room, use decor. Candles, interesting shelves, and dispensers, beautiful containers for cotton pads, framed posters, even indoor or artificial flowers will make the bathroom harmonious and cozy.