Excellent Tips to Clean Your Pool

Home Pool

It’s nice to have a pool in the back of the house, where you can throw parties, run a fitness program and spend your evenings. It is especially so if you build a glass pool fencing around your pool. Also, with the use of a pool comes the responsibility of maintaining it. If you don’t follow a maintenance schedule, your pool can have several types of problems, such as algae buildup, broken filters, and green water, to name a few. Here are some pool maintenance tips you may want to consider.

Home Pool

Do Skimming and Scrubbing

Make a habit of getting rid of surface dirt and leaves. Ideally, this should be done daily. Also, if you can afford to spend some money, you can invest it in a wonderful robotic vacuum to remove unwanted items from the bottom as well. You don’t need to act every moment. The easiest way to do it is by skimming and scrubbing your pool. You can usually take action after a week.

Clean the Filter Every Week

Home PoolThe function of the kidneys is to help the body eliminate impurities. Similarly, the pool filter removes many types of contaminants, such as small toys, leaves, and dirt, to name a few. First, you can wash the pool by removing the filter cover. However, it is much better to wash the filter basket at least once every seven days. Also, the pipes of the filter system should be cleaned. Finally, only the leaf container needs to be …

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