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The island of Malapascua is at the same time one of the smallest and most popular tourist destinations in the entire Philippino archipelago. This island is located in Cebu province. It stretches no more than 3 miles in diameter, and one can walk around the entire island in no more than 2 hours.

“The Unfortunate Christmas”

island It was the Spanish, who discovered this island first and landed on it. According to some historical sources, they landed on this island on a stormy and rainy Christmas Day in the year 1500. That is why this island has become better known by its name – The unfortunate Christmas

An island paradise

Today, Malapascua is regarded as one of the most beautiful and attractive islands in the Philippines, one that still offers wild and vintage beauty. It has become quite famous among both local and foreign tourists, for its pristine and gorgeous white sandy beaches, which serve as a perfect backdrop. One of the most notable features of this island is that it is almost completely devoid of any cars or other motorized vehicles and that the majority of houses and buildings there are usually constrained to a single floor.

Scuba diving attractions

One of the most famous scuba diving bases is, undoubtedly, the Monad Shoal base, thanks to which Malapascua has a strong presence on the global scuba diving map. The estimated depth of the Monad Shoal is between 20 and 25 meters, which is more than enough for any scuba diving aficionado. Aside from having an opportunity to scuba dive, visiting this place will also provide you with an opportunity to see, in person, a deep sea creature, more commonly known as the Thresher Shark. There are some different types of thresher sharks to be seen here, with the pelagic thresher shark and the common thresher sharks being the most common ones. Here, you will be given an unforgettable chance to watch these majestic sea creatures from a distance of no more than 20 meters. Even though it is not yet clear why these sharks like to congregate in this area, it is still a highly attractive place to visit, nevertheless.

The resorts

coastThe island itself also offers some luxurious and exciting accommodation options for all the local and foreign tourists. Despite its size, the Malapascua island is still capable of accommodating plenty of tourists. When looking for a top end resort, you might have some difficulties, due to their popularity and a sheer number of tourists. However, you will have no problems whatsoever, if you are just looking for a simple beach hut or room.

When it comes to the beach resorts, most of them offer pretty high standard services, as well as excellent facilities. They also offer complete seclusion from all kinds of hustle and bustle of various beach activities.

These resorts also feature various types of accommodations that tourists can find highly satisfying. The hotels have rooms of various sizes, all of which are very well equipped and maintained and which offer maximum convenience and comfort.

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